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  • Trump Is on the Verge of Losing Everything
    Trump Is on the Verge of Losing Everything
  • How to (Literally) Drive the Coronavirus Away – The New York Times
    Because it’s not always practical to have all the windows wide open, especially in the depths of winter, Dr. Mathai and his colleagues also modeled several other options. They found that while the most intuitive-seeming solution — having the driver and the passenger each roll down their own windows — was better than keeping all the windows closed, an even better strategy was to open the windows that are opposite each occupant. That configuration allows fresh air to flow in through the back left window and out through the front right window and helps create a barrier between the driver and the passenger. “It’s like an air curtain,” Dr. Mathai said. “It flushes out all the air that’s released by the passenger, and it also creates a strong wind region in between the driver and the passenger.”
  • Impeachment – Donald Trump’s reckoning | Leaders | The Economist
    The right and the wrong ways to hold the president to account
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    RT @RepKatiePorter: Thousands are dying from COVID-19 each day. Yet, the Administration has failed to fully embrace using the Defense Production Act to bolster our vaccine supply. Today, @SenWarren and I wrote to the heads of Operation Warp Speed detailing how to do so. We can’t waste any more time.
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    RT @GovInslee: Governors were told repeatedly by @HHSgov there was a strategic reserve of vaccines, and this week, the American people were told it’d be released to increase supply of vaccine.
    It appears now that no reserve exists. The Trump admin. must answer immediately for this deception.
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    RT @HeerJeet: Um, not good.

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