pinboard September 8, 2022

  • DataBiosphere/tanagra: Repo for the Tanagra service being developed by the All of Us DRC
    Repo for the Tanagra service being developed by the All of Us DRC
  • healthcare/BigQuery_ML.ipynb at master · GoogleCloudPlatform/healthcare
    This tutorial introduces BigQuery ML (BQML) in the context of working with the MIMIC3 dataset.

    BigQuery ML adds only a few statements to standard SQL. These statements automate the creation and evaluation of statistical models on BigQuery datasets. BigQuery ML has several advantages over older machine learning tools and workflows. Some highlights are BQML’s high performance on massive datasets, support for HIPAA compliance, and ease of use. BQML automatically implements state of the art best practices in machine learning for your dataset.

    MIMIC3 is a 10-year database of health records from the intensive care unit of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. It’s full of insights that are just begging to be uncovered.

  • globalbiobankmeta/multi-ancestry-pwmr: Code for GBMI trans-ancestry proteome Mendelian randomization satellite paper
    In this study, we systematically estimated the causal role of 1,311 and 1,310 proteins, measured in populations from African and European ancestry respectively, on eight common diseases using a comprehensive ancestry-specific MR pipeline. The results highlight the value of proteome-wide MR in informing the generalisability of drugs and drug targets across ancestries and illustrate the value of multi-cohort and biobank meta-analysis of genetic data for drug development.

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