pinboard December 9, 2014

  • Microsoft billionaire takes on cell biology : Nature News & Comment
    "The Allen Institute for Cell Science, which was launched on 8 December, will be modelled on the Microsoft co-founder’s Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, Washington, which since 2003 has spent hundreds of millions of dollars creating a series of ‘brain atlases’ that have become go-to portals for neuroscientists interested in where particular genes are active or how distant neurons communicate.

    As its first project, the latest Allen institute will develop an analogous ‘cell observatory’ that will display how a cell’s working parts, such as ribosomes, microtubules and mitochondria, interact and operate over time, says executive director Rick Horwitz. He has shuttered his cell-biology laboratory at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville to lead the institute in Seattle, Washington. The 70 or so scientific staff who will join the institute will work together on the overall goals of the observatory — to build a global view of the myriad activities inside cells — rather than on their own interests. “It’s going to be much more like the Manhattan Project,” Horwitz says."

  • Male Allies | the tech industry needs you
  • Tech’s Male ‘Feminists’ Aren’t Helping – The Daily Beast
  • CFP | Linux Conferences and Linux Events | The Linux Foundation
  • Announcing Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose for Orchestrating Distributed Apps | Docker Blog
    "As users start exploring Docker and Docker Hub, they typically start by Dockerizing some apps, incorporating Docker into their build-test pipeline, creating a Docker-based development environment, or trying out one of the other half-dozen common use cases.  In these use cases and others, we’ve heard from many community members about how Docker has sped up development-to-deploy cycle times and eliminated the friction of moving apps from laptops to data centers, or from one cloud to another."

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