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  • Study shows how LSD interferes with brain’s signalling | Science | The Guardian
  • GitHub – dgageot/demoit: Live coding demos without Context Switching
    Live coding demos without Context Switching
    (from David)
  • Fixing the Flawed Approach to Diversity
    In addition to underestimating the problem, leaders tend to see it in the wrong place. We break the obstacles to diversity down into four areas: recruiting, retention, advancement, and leadership commitment. Many leaders believe that the recruiting phase presents the biggest obstacles—particularly for women and racial and ethnic minorities. It is not, however, that simple. Hiring people from diverse groups is easier than successfully addressing the deep-rooted cultural and organizational issues that those groups face in their day-to-day work experience.

    And, in fact, members of diverse groups do see things differently. Because they have first-hand experience of the daily biases that keep them from staying at an organization and rising through the ranks, they see more obstacles across the entire employee life cycle: recruiting, retention, advancement, and the commitment of leaders.

    It’s easy, therefore, to see how companies can spend money on diversity initiatives that don’t generate results. The senior leaders—primarily older men—who make decisions about how much to invest in diversity and which initiatives to fund lack a clear understanding of how big the problems are or where those problems lie.

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