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  • Why Climate Change Is Pushing Up Lumber Prices – The Atlantic
  • Radiance Cohousing | Saskatoon | Home
    Radiance Cohousing: A friendly green community in the heart of Saskatoon, SK built to the Passivhaus standard
    475 Avenue L South
    Saskatoon SK S7M 5Y6
    (306) 880-0373
  • Google Health's New AI Study Achieves New Advances In Identification Of Genetic Diseases Using Machine Learning – MarkTechPost
    Studies have shown that genetic diseases can cause critical illnesses. Early detection of the underlying problem allows for life-saving treatments in many situations. Recent research shows that nearly 6% of all infants are affected by genetic or congenital disorders, yet clinical sequencing testing can take days or weeks to diagnose these diseases. 

    Genome sequencing has the potential to improve the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. To that end, Google Health has made significant breakthroughs in the rapid identification of genetic diseases and promoting genomic tests’ equity across ancestries. 

    To begin, the Google Health team has collaborated with the University of California Santa Cruz Genomics Institute to develop PEPPER-Margin-DeepVariant, a method for analyzing data for Oxford Nanopore sequencers. It is one of the fastest commercial sequencing technologies available today. 

    The findings show that this method detected a likely disease-causing variation in less than 8 hours after sequencing began in the quickest cases, compared to 13.5 hours in the previous fastest case.

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