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elevator test

A product vision model helps team members pass the elevator test — the ability to explain the project to someone within two minutes. It comes from Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm. It follows the form:
for (target customer)
who (statement of need or opportunity)
the (product name) is a (product category)
that (key benefit, compelling reason to buy)
unlike (primary competitive alternative)
our product (statement of primary differentiation)

(from: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000962.html)

the paperclip

“Never, btw (which, unlike ‘poststructuralism,’ is a word in Word
spellcheck), ask that androgynous paper clip anything. S/he is
just a stooge for management, leading you down more rabbit holes
of options for things called Wizards, Macros, Templates, and
Cascading Style Sheets.”

– Louis Menand, commenting on Microsoft Word, in the New Yorker
article “The End Matter” (October 6, 2003).

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“The great artists of the world are never Puritans and seldom
respectable. No virtuous man — that is, virtuous in the YMCA
sense — has ever painted a picture worth looking at, or written
a symphony worth hearing, or a book worth reading.”

– H. L. Mencken

philosophy is a cheery endeavour

“One feels inclined to say that the intention of man to be happy, isnot included in the plan for creation” – Freud”Sleep is good, death is better. But best of all, is never to have been born.” – Heinrich Heine”The best that can be hoped for in life is the transformation ofhysteric misery into common unhappiness” – Freud”The existentialist says at once that man is in anguish” -Sartre”Throughout the ages, the wisest of man have passed the samejudgement of life– it is no good” – Nietzsche”I don’t know why we’re here, but I’m pretty sure it’s not to enjoyourselves” – Wittgenstein”Today it is bad, and day by day it will get worse, until at last theworst of all arrives” – Schopenhauer,

misfortune and contentment

“Those who say that life is only a combination of misfortunes mean that life itself is a misfortune. If it is a misfortune, then death is a happiness. Such people did not write in good health, with their purses stuffed with money, and contentment in their souls from having held Cecelias and Marinas in their arms and being sure that there were more of them to come… If pleasure exists, and we can only enjoy it in life, then life is a happiness. There are misfortunes, of course, as I should be the first to know. But the very existence of these misfortunes proves that the sum of good is greater. I am infinitely happy when I am in an dark room and see the light coming through a window which opens on a vast horizon.”

– Giacomo Casanova, History of My Life (Willard R. Trask, translator)

Junior Neuroscientists’ Kit


“Everyone is a reactionary about subjects he understands”.

– Robert Conquest, historian. The statement is known as “Conquest’s Law”.



JPG Magazine

“Sometimes I just stay up and go, ‘Hey, I’m not going to sleep tonight.”

– Avril Lavigne