pinboard June 13, 2018

  • The Main Problem with Disability is it’s Such a Conversation Killer – Medium
  • 1801.00631.pdf
    Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal
  • Improving Language Understanding with Unsupervised Learning
    We’ve obtained state-of-the-art results on a suite of diverse language tasks with a scalable, task-agnostic system, which we’re also releasing. Our approach is a combination of two existing ideas: transformers and unsupervised pre-training. These results provide a convincing example that pairing supervised learning methods with unsupervised pre-training works very well; this is an idea that many have explored in the past, and we hope our result motivates further research into applying this idea on larger and more diverse datasets.

    Unsupervised pre-training + fine-tuning actually works! (in NLP)

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