pinboard April 15, 2021

  • A Casino Gets Hacked Through a Fish-Tank Thermometer
    Secure your laptop. Secure your smart phone. Secure your tablet. And, before I forget, secure your fish tank. Yes, you heard me. Your fish tank.

    That was the lessoned learned a few years ago from the operators of a North American casino. According to a 2018 Business Insider report, cybersecurity executive Nicole Eagan of security firm Darktrace told the story while addressing a conference.

    “The attackers used that (a fish-tank thermometer) to get a foothold in the network,” she recounted. “They then found the high-roller database and then pulled that back across the network, out the thermostat, and up to the cloud.”

  • Did This Scorching-Hot Planet Lose—and Regain—an Atmosphere?
    A veritable hellscape of an exoplanet is challenging researchers’ assumptions about what types of worlds host atmospheres.
  • All Over Desire | by Sarah Chihaya | The New York Review of Books
    “What do you want?” is a painful question. To answer it honestly forces you to bring your own desire into confrontation with the flinching fear of its

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