philosophy is a cheery endeavour

“One feels inclined to say that the intention of man to be happy, isnot included in the plan for creation” – Freud”Sleep is good, death is better. But best of all, is never to have been born.” – Heinrich Heine”The best that can be hoped for in life is the transformation ofhysteric misery into common unhappiness” – Freud”The existentialist says at once that man is in anguish” -Sartre”Throughout the ages, the wisest of man have passed the samejudgement of life– it is no good” – Nietzsche”I don’t know why we’re here, but I’m pretty sure it’s not to enjoyourselves” – Wittgenstein”Today it is bad, and day by day it will get worse, until at last theworst of all arrives” – Schopenhauer,


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